Update: This is now a very old “about me” page. I really ought to update it. In the meantime you can check out the about page on my personal site.

I’m a Guatemalan CS student that loves to take walks on the beach. Except I never do that. I’m pretty much done with school and lately have gotten into linguistics, compling, etc. and bodyweight fitness.

The whole linguistics thing came after I started learning German, before that I wasn’t really into the so-called “soft” sciences. It’s been three years since I started learning German and I like to think I’m fluent in it. Next challenge being Japanese and I’ve dabbled with Norwegian (but haven’t been serious about like I should be).

As for bodyweight fitness, I wanted to end up being able to do cool stuff while getting fit instead of just lifting weights at the gym, so I decided BWF was the way to go, especially concentrating on gymnastics skills like handstands, L-sit, etc. I have some rings that I use at home and also a pullup bar. Been doing it for only a couple of months now, but I hope I keep at it. Biggest problem right now is flexibility.

I might make this blog a mutilingual one, but I’m still not sure yet.